About Us

Our Ethos

Established in 2012, VolDox is an excitingly innovative organisation with rich principles around the notion of today’s medical advances. With a wealth of experience on board in many facets of the industry, we have emerged into an ever-growing part of the incessant changes occurring within the health & medical supply chain industry.

We are a forward-thinking organisation delivering second to none natural medicinal products to the world market. ‘The evolution’ within Healthcare is changing the way we use products and keep patients out of hospitals, producing natural medicinal products that don’t just cure, but ‘prevent’ them from coming back.

As an ethically responsible organisation, we propose to be a model organisation in our approach, supporting the medical field and industry.

At VolDox our qualities circle around relationships, fellowship and cooperation. Motivated by the drive and ambition apparent in every individual, we strive to provide the most respectable and personable service to our clients.

We head off the additional mile to bring about a noticeable improvement for those we serve as clients and anyone who utilises our genius.

VolDox needs to end up remarkable around others and acknowledge accompanying as a quality for victory:


Fitting vital arranging by encountered, changing pharmaceutical expert and is honest to goodness utilization is our point.


Quality duty and attention on exploration and advancement


In time choice making capacity by the pioneers


Generally prepared and propelled work energy


Expert and harmonious nature’s turf


A generally equalized item portfolio

Chairmans Message

Our commitment to the change of medicinal services has been critical in the most recent 25 years, yet there is more we want to achieve.We are continually looking for better approaches to enhance our products and build upon our portfolio of sustainable, herbal, natural products within healthcare & pharmaceutical industries.

Our product portfolio offers an exceptional range of natural products. Alongside other nourishing vitamin products, the herbal medications we provide enhance patient satisfaction.

Our objective is to team up with national and recognisable scientists, researchers and analysts, to better educate our teams and enhance the natural products offered.

Here at VolDox, we have one strong objective; to reduce the number of chemically derived healthcare products in the business, focus on delivering naturally derived products that benefit the public and the medical industry. In turn keeping patients and public out of doctors surgeries and hospitals, reducing the overall NHS bill.

Global Business

Our 100% Allicin products are available wordwide. We have global partnerships/alliances for input around product improvement, specialized technical backing and marketing. We are known for our uncompromising quality guidelines in all of our products and projects.

Caring For Life

Since the formation of VolDox, customer care is at the heart of everything we do.

Before structuring our products and their prices we take into consideration the views of all our clients to make it affordable and of the highest quality.

For businesses, relationships are the foundations that we build upon and respect.

For representatives, caring shows itself in a protected, equivalent chances’ work environment that cultivates enhancement for a healthier world.

Ethical, Sustainable, Reputable.

We have a worldwide footprint for our 100% Allicin products.

We are proud of our product quality and therefore our products are only produced in the UK by reputable manufacturers with all relevant certification.

All our raw materials are ethically sourced and sustainable.

  1. Moral behavior All executives and senior administration workers might bargain for the benefit of the Company with professionalism, trustworthiness, honesty and in addition to high ethical and moral models. Such lead should be reasonable and transparent and be observed to be in that capacity by unbiased gatherings.
  2. Clash of investment Any chief or senior administration representative of the Company might not participate in any business, relationship or movement, which may negatively clash with the investment of the Company.
  3. Transparency All chiefs and senior administration representatives of the Company might guarantee that their movements in the behavior of business are completely transparent aside from where the requirements of business security direct generally. Such transparency should be achieved through fitting strategies, frameworks and forms.
  4. Lawful consistence All chiefs and senior administration representatives of the Company might constantly guarantee consistence with all the important laws and regulations influencing operations of the Company. They ought to stay informed concerning the issues of the Company and stay educated of the agree-ability with significant laws, tenets and regulations. On the off chance that the suggestion of law is not clear, the strategy picked must be backed by prominent lawful direction whose sentiment ought to be archived.
  5. Legitimate utilization of the Company’s holdings All the stakes of the Company both substantial and immaterial ought be utilized with the end goal of leading the business for which they are properly approved. None of the holdings of the Company ought to be abused or redirected for particular reason.
  6. Cost awareness All the chiefs and senior administration representatives of the Company might as well strive for best usage of accessible assets. They ought to practice forethought to guarantee that expenses are sensible and there is no wastage. It might be their job to escape pomposity in Company use.
  7. Secret data All chiefs and senior administration representatives might guarantee that any private data picked up in their official limit is not used for particular benefit or for the playing point of whatever possible individual. They should not give any data either formally or casually to the press or to whatever available attention media unless explicitly approved to do so. They ought to stick to the procurement of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992.
  8. Associations with Suppliers and Customers The chiefs and senior administration representatives of the Company throughout the course of face to face time with suppliers and clients, might not gain or offer or make, straight and by implication, any unlawful installments, compensation, blessings, gifts or similar profits which are expected or recognized to acquire business or un-competitive favors for the behavior of its business. Be that as it may, this is not proposed to incorporate blessings of standard nature.
  9. Communication with Media The chiefs and senior administration workers other than the designated spokespersons ought not captivate with any part of press and media in matters concerning the Company. In such cases, they may as well regulate the appeal to the designated spokespersons.
  10. Well being and Environment The chiefs and senior administration workers ought accompany all recommended security the earth identified standards.