We believe in product development, expansion and distribution worldwide. We will achieve this by considering:


Joint ventures


Franchise Marketing and Distribution collaboration


Quality Management


Government Recognition and support in our endeavours

Our current product Allicin max which is available in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand, has been relaunched. There has been a huge upgrade of the existing product and it is a revolution in itself. The upgrade to Garmaxx D+ has boosted the product capabilities to a completely new standard.

Our Mission, Values and Future.


VolDox’s mission is to devote itself to including excellent worth through the making of imaginative natural medicinal items, for human health around the globe.

Core qualities (Core Values)

Here at VolDox we acknowledge our core values by incorporating:

  • A collaborative and humble effort to grow in a way that makes us proud
  • Honesty and integrity in every dimension of the workforce
  • Dependability and consistency through a timeless work ethic
  • Accountability in all processes of the organisation
  • A harmonious commitment with all partners to sustain nature’s turf
  • Due diligence and perseverance in creating opportunities for all

Imagined Future

A significant vision we have of VolDox is that we intend to turn into a class-leading supplier of natural supplementary products, by furnishing a consistent stream of imaginative new medicines both domestically and internationally.


Our Licensing – we have various therapy areas which are available for licensing; this is done to ensure that the products reach patients across the globe. We are out-licensing our products to companies which have commercialisation strengths and values in their markets. This helps in moving the product across the globe and in reach of the patients.

We work in 5 areas:






Patient Education

We believe that it’s not enough to make world-class medication. What really makes a difference is patients being well informed about the nature of their illness and the treatments offered. It is important to raise awareness and provide educational material to help the patient improve their current lifestyle to a healthier one.

Some exemplary services provided by VolDox:

  • Dedicated Educational Material – for Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis and cancer.
  • Benefits that are unique and easy to understand 
  • Attractive packaging, easily consumable tablets/capsules, with simple instructions
  • Regular social media updates to keep patients informed.

We work in 4 areas:

Sexual enhancement
General health improvement

Capacity: 250,000 Units p/d ( 2M Capsules a Day)


GDPR UK compliance to be added
FDA certification
GMP certified
Patented process and products


VolDox Global Research & Development has a strong presence in England. While VolDox partners at every focal point, we pride ourselves on a reconciled worldwide system of sourcing and improvement.

Worldwide databases and streamlined conveyance work to make a collaboration of plans, apparatuses, and aptitude that drive a hearty pipeline and help VolDox and Garmaxx scientists and researchers make a percentage of new drugs to help enhance the health and wellness of individuals as far and wide as possible.

Facility: Sussex, England
Capacity: 250,000 Units p/d ( 2M Capsules a Day)