Diabalife – 30 Capsules helps Maintains Blood Glucose Levels

Diabalife – 30 Capsules helps Maintains Blood Glucose Levels

Diabalife – 30 Capsules helps Maintains Blood Glucose Levels is a research-based food supplement made with the patented active ingredient of 100% stabilized Allicin.  It is a natural dietary support for High Glucose levels and wellness.  As an advanced balanced formula, developed by experts, DiabaLife is available as a 450 mg, Size “0” clear pure vegetarian capsule and has no side effects.

DiabaLife helps to stabilised, control, maintain and also targets your whole immune system to assist in protecting you from other diseases such as the cold and flu.  DiabaLife is not just for those with high glucose levels, but also for those who want to prevent the onset of having high blood glucose.



DiabaLife -helps Maintains Blood Glucose Levels is a research-based made with the patented active ingredient of 100% stabilized Allicin. is a research based Food Supplement made with patented active ingredient ie. 100% stabilised Allicin. It is Natural Dietary Support help maintain high blood glucose levels and Wellness for All. DiabaLife is an advance formula available in 450mg pure vegetarian capsule. It doesn’t have any side effects and it is a way towards a healthy life. The amazing effect of DiabaLife is that it not only helps you to stabilise & control glucose levels but also targets your whole system and helps you to protect from many other diseases, e.g. flues and cold. DiabaLife is not only for whom have high blood glucose levels but for those who are not prone to high blood glucose levels want to prevent & live a healthier life.

Who it’s for?

Patients with diabetes are at an increased risk of infection as they have a weakened immune system, and 3x the normal risk of coronary artery disease – these facts are well established and publicly available, so its vitally important for diabetics to remain healthy, with a strong immune defence. The focus of Diabetics is the reduction of as many coronary heart disease risk factors as possible, but especially raised blood pressure and cholesterol. The normal range of blood pressure varies, although with the typical ‘western diet’; it tends to increase with age, but a young adult would be expected to have a blood pressure of 120/80 (systolic/diastolic). High blood pressure is described as a ‘silent killer’. It can creep up on you without causing symptoms to trigger a sudden heart attack or stroke. Even if your blood pressure is very high you may feel relatively well and symptom free.


Some people with high blood pressure may feel dizzy and develop a headache. People with hypertension will have high blood pressure reading even while resting. Factors that increase the risk of developing high blood pressure include increasing age, smoking, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, a family history of heart disease, lack of exercise and high stress levels.

What Diabalife does?

Medical experts reckon that reducing your ‘diastolic’ blood pressure by as little as 5 units would decrease your risk of developing coronary heart disease by an effective 16 per cent. Allicin has been shown to significantly reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In a well-known medical journal, The Journal of Hypertension, it reported that garlic extracts with an available Allicin yield of just 0.6 per cent could reduce systolic blood pressure by 10 per cent and diastolic blood pressure by 6 per cent. The journal went on to say that the potential blood-pressure-lowering effect of this natural plant medicine was of such significance ‘that strokes may be reduced by 30 to 40 per cent and coronary heart disease by 20 to 25 per cent’. We would expect to see both systolic and diastolic blood pressure lower by at least 10 per cent because of taking Allicin products, that can guarantee a genuine 100% yield of Allicin.

Product details

VolDox Diabalife 30 capsules  - Maintains Blood Glucose Levels Diabalife is a research based herbal supplement made with a patented active ingredient ie. 100% stabilised Allicin. The stabilised Allicin in Diabalife is the strongest and safest natural antibiotic known to man. Diabalife kills all types of disease-causing bacteria in you without harming any friendly bacteria or causing negative side-effects. Diabalife is strongly anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. It has been scientifically proven in double-blind studies to reduce the number, severity, and duration of common colds. It fights all types of diseases caused by harmful microbes. Made from 5 powerful ingredients

Ingredients & usage


Active ingredients – Allicin Extract (garlic bulb), Cinnamon, Bitter Melon, Broccoli, Spinach.
Also contains – Cellulose, Corn Starch.

Suitable for

Adults of 16 years and over.

How to use

Take 1-2 capsules daily with a meal or as directed by your health care physician.
Daily intake must not exceed 6 capsules

Hazards & Precautions

Don’t take more than the recommended dose.
Please consult your doctor if you feel ill. Taking too much is unlikely to be harmful.
Seek advice before using if you suffer from allergies.


Store in a cool, dry place.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Important Information

Important Information

Country of Origin: UK
Manufacturers Address: VolDox Ltd | 63/66 Hatton Garden, Suite 23 Floor 5, London – EC1N 8LE