Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Peter Josling is Director of The Garlic Centre based in Sussex, England established in 1993 to provide an independent source of information about the medicinal, culinary, and general properties of Garlic. The Garlic Centre also advises commercial companies, research establishments, government agencies, the press, and the media. In 1997, Josling also formed a specialty chemicals division to provide key Garlic components including Alliin, Allicin, and Ajoene for research and product formulation.

Recently he led a team of chemists and chemical engineers in the invention, development and manufacturing of the world’s first commercially available, stabilized and patented Allicin extract formulated into capsules, liquids, gels, and creams, all to carry the name Allisure as a guarantee of real Allicin actually in the products.

Peter Josling is nicknamed “The Garlic King” and has authored books on the subject of the healing power of stabilized Allicin from Garlic. His research and product development is ongoing, and he offers his expertise around the globe with safe, natural, and effective alternatives to harmful chemicals that are prescribed to people every day.

Dr. Peter Josling – The Garlic Guru

Allcin International

Allicin International Limited (AIL) is a Research and Development company, dedicated to identifying and supplying useful products made from natural organic sources, mainly garlic. Our aim is to provide natural products for improving the quality of life for people and animals. We have a dedicated research unit and a history of lodging successful patents in this area. We manufacture and package our own products and manage and monitor all parts of the production process.

AIL has pioneered a process of stabilising allicin, the active component of garlic. We now produce a range of natural health products and our allicin range currently has international retail sales of over £6 million a year.

Are you an international distributor with a strong presence in your local market? Consider our product range. We have international distribution partners around the globe and understand the requirements for localised packaging and branding.