Exploring the natural benefit of allicin

Allicin has great health benefits but what is it and what can it do for you? Let us explain….

What is allicin?

Allicin is also known as allyl thiosulfinate is extracted from raw garlic and is an oily and slightly yellow liquid that gives garlic its unique smell. Garlic has been well known since ancient times as holding beneficial health properties which modern scientific research has proven is the case. Garlic contains many sulphur compounds and phytochemicals that that together can have therapeutic effects.

So, whether eating garlic in your food or taking allicin garlic capsules it can be good for your health. Like many things though, the raw form provides the best benefits as cooking can reduce its good qualities and the quantity required might not be desirable to many to eat raw, so many find allicin capsules more favourable.

What are the health benefits of allicin?

Research has shown that garlic can contribute to the reduction in cholesterol and fatty acid levels in the blood and can lower blood pressure, therefore it can contribute towards the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

It also offers therapeutic effects including antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal, hypolipidemic and more. This means that allicin can be used to fight infections such as cold, flu, UTIs, sore throats, eye infections, nose and throat infections, and tooth infections. It can also be used to protect the brain from oxidant stress, warding off insects and microorganisms.

Future health uses

The full extend of allicin and garlic’s potential use in the health and medicinal sectors have not been fully explored as yet and it is believed that further applications will be found.  For example, it has been found that allicin has anti-tumour properties which have demonstrated a potential use in cancer therapy and prevention.

Allicin displays anti-bacterial properties which can help fight bacteria as well as fungi, protozoa and viruses and unlike conventional antibiotics, allicin can kill bacteria at the gas stage. In the past allicin was used in a vapour form to treat tuberculosis before antibiotics were created.

What products are available and what are their benefit?

Allicin is used in many health supplements, and we specialise in a range of allicin capsules that target key health benefits that help improve your health and wellbeing including:

Heart – Heartlife capsules that improve heart health and can regulate heart function.

Blood care – DiabaLite capsules that can help stabilise, control, maintain and targets your whole immune system to protect you from other diseases such as cold and flu.

Joints – Jointlife capsules help slow the deterioration of cartilage, relieve osteoarthritis pain and improve joint mobility.

Body defence – AlliPure capsules to help boost natural antibiotic immune response which can help prevent colds, flu and infections. AlliVit C capsules strengthen your immune system and build your natural defences.

Potency – Vibrmax capsules support sex drive for both men and women and erectile dysfunction.