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At VolDox we specialise in Allicin based Food Supplements. Allicin is formed for Garlic which is 100% Stabilised within all our products. All VolDox product are invented and formulated by Dr Peter Josling also known as the “Garlic Guru”. VolDox is a pioneering developer of products for the health food industry. We are dedicated to identifying useful products made from natural sources with garlic (Allicin) being the main ingredient as a defense system for other ingredients to activate in the body system.

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Since the formation of VolDox, customer care is the priority in everything that we work and strive for. Before structuring our products and their prices we take into consideration the views of all our clients to make it affordable and of the highest quality. For businesses, relationships are the foundations that we build upon and respect For representatives, caring shows itself in a protected, equivalent chances’ work environment that cultivates enhancement for a healthier world.
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